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Amica Terrae

Friend of the Earth

Amica Terrae has been proudly founded with one pure goal…. To be a ‘Friend of the Earth’.Our planet is being rapidly destroyed down to mindless abuse and over use of plastics. Our aim is to provide kinder alternatives to the modern day consumer.

Image by John Cameron

About Amica Terrae

Friend of the Earth

How is this image right? Quite simply, it’s not! But this is the reality of what our beautiful planet is becoming, a plastic graveyard! Only plastic doesn’t decompose, it overflows and spoils the environment, as well as causing great harm to wildlife. Our aim is to show you how easy it is to replace everyday items for kinder alternatives without breaking the bank! From sourcing a shampoo bar, to a stylish pen, or even a gift for a friend or loved one, we have you covered. There is a more eco friendly way, a plastic free way!

Plastic Polluted Ocean

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