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Here at Amica Terrae our aim is to educate the consumer on eco friendly, sustainable products. However, one of the main issues our planet faces is the amount of waste we produce as humans, waste which doesn't biodegrade!

We all agree that the best way forward is to always look to repurpose items where possible. After all, even plastic has its uses when used mindfully. In terms of practicality, cleanability and price point, plastic is the bomb! A very clever invention. However it really does outlive us all, and the scary reality is that the vast majority of all the plastic EVER made is still around, and will be for a VERY long time. (Think 400 years for a toothbrush!)

Try a week not buying ANYTHING plastic, it's virtually impossible! But being conscious in making a vast reduction is already a start!!

Tell us about items you have repurposed, or your favourite plastic free hacks, we would LOVE to hear them!

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